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Lucky Money
[ · Download from mirror (6.1MB) · Screenshot ] 2008-01-04, 3:41 AM
This includes only the Lucky Money map.

It's also contained in the demo pack.


Category: Demo | Added by: deusexrevision
Views: 1937 | Downloads: 619 | Comments: 44 | Rating: 5.0/7 |
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43 Trasher  
As soon as I get my new FPT server to work.. I guess I have to call the company what's going on...

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42 Kee715  
When will the 1.12 download be up and running? question

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41 Laro24  
I played the demo! Its nice smile A year ago I love deus ex singleplayer and now I love it again, I go not download more I wait untell the full version arrives. tongue

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40 Laro24  
Great! This mod getting nicer!

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39 Trasher  
lol. No need to open, just extract it to your DeusEx\Maps folder. If it asks u to overwrite do so.

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38 joeace91007  
ok, for the one last time, how do you open the file, winrar and window compressed folder won't work with it.

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37 Trasher  
Yes i know that Deus Ex 3 is coming. Cant wait to see it smile

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36 Fadzilah[SG]  
trasher did u know that there going to make Deus Ex 3 and going to sell it on 2009. Soo long to wait man i cant wait to see the game like nyc or hk or anywhere.

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35 Fadzilah[SG]  
wow cool ok i cant wait for the new demo biggrin

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34 Trasher  
I modified the map with UnrealEd 1.

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