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Deus Ex Revision Demo 1.2
[ · Download from mirror (78.7mb) · Screenshot ] 2008-12-24, 4:40 AM
Here it is, the long awaited Revision Demo 1.2. Bringing a totally new Hong Kong chapter and last NYC mission. This release also fixes some bugs that were found from 1.1.

Anyway, backing up your Deus Ex maps is not necessary anymore because Revision will be installed to your Root Deus Ex folder. That's right. Revision will be installed in a separate folder. The setup creates a shortcut to your desktop and to your start menu where you can launch Revision. Note that you have to launch Revision from one of these shortcuts or the mod will not work. For more info check out the ReadMe file.

There is also a tiny problem with changing the render. You cannot change it from within the game. You have to do it manually by modifying Revision.ini. Instructions for this are also contained in the Read Me file. It is a very simple thing you have to do - don't worry. If you hit troubles, please do not hesitate to contact us.

I hope you enjoy this release!

Trasher & Björn

Category: Demo | Added by: Trasher
Views: 5491 | Downloads: 677 | Comments: 17 | Rating: 4.8/13 |
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16 Pixo45  
i hope u dont need any patches cuz im installing this on my deus ex demo

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15 fire-lord  
Ok that's cool 'cause when i set my own language, it use both deus ex.frt (language file) and deus (shifter file)

G: your connection seems to have a problem, you should try to downaload it with a Dl-manager like Flashget ( it allow you to download something in several times )

(yes i'll stop to spam this poor comment box and go to the forum...)

Answer: How does TWO files work? // Björn

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14 G  
Hey i tried downloading a couple times, it seems it starts out with the original size, and as i download it for some reason it drops from the orriginal size to l,ike 10 MB, or 2 MB, so i dunno what the problem is, i also trying "Save Target As" but didnt work

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13 bjorn98009_91  
Well the reason for having DeusEx.rev is so that the menu says "Welcome to Revision" and so on... The file is a copy of Shifters, so all the Shifter stuff is in there. If you don't have Shifter then it's nothing to worry about either because then the game will not use shifters added text.

So I can't really find a reason for changing it back to int, but go ahead if you want to.

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12 fire-lord  
It seems your mod also change the language did you add things in deus ex.rev that are needed to run properly (or can i just set my own language in the .ini file ?)

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11 bjorn98009_91  
Try re-downloading. I'll check on this end if there is something wrong.

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10 G  
hey, when im extracting the .rar file i get this error \RevisionDemo_1.2.rar: CRC failed in RevisionSetup.exe. The file is corrupt
\RevisionDemo_1.2.rar: Unexpected end of archive
i dunno what it is
Answer: Ok, I've tested now. No problem on our end, probably just an error while downloading.

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9 Fire-Lord  
Ok thank you !

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8 bjorn98009_91  
With some modification to Revision.ini HDTP will work... I'm going to release a small little program help people modify the .ini-files. So stay tuned. Although if you have Shifter and you have followed his instructions on enabling HDTP with Shifter, Revision will automaticly work with HDTP.

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7 Trasher  
Revision fully supports HDTP,New Vision and other gameplay mods. So you shouldnt have any problem playing with HDTP. I use HDTP myself so it should work smile

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