Deus Ex Revision

Deus Ex Revision is now seeking for some more workers!

Currently we are only looking for mappers and beta testers.

Beta Testers

 1 Open slot

Requirements: You have to know almost every bit of Deus Ex and its bugs and exploits. You will also have to be really honest with us, so do not release/publish the files that you get. You are also not permitted to speak of anything beta related on any forum without prior authorization from us. If you start publishing beta files you will be immediatly removed and banned. If you are a person like this, take a hike! You're just wasting our time.

If you accept these rules and you fulfill the requirements, welcome aboard!


2 Open slots

Requirements: You must be experienced with the UED/UED2 editor. There is a bit work to be done in Revision so I hope that you will also have the time and passion to do some mapping. You will also have to send us some of your mapping work so that we can see the quality of your work.

If you have any questions or anything do not hesitate to contact us.
Send us some mail from the "Contact us" section.

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