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About the mod

Revision is a modification for the game called "Deus Ex". The goal of the project is to give something new for the players who has played Deus Ex through many many times. Revision adds more environment to the game and makes some goals more harder to complete. Revision not only changes the enviroment, it also has new weapons (original skins), datacubes (books and newpapers too) and characters. For example, not every guard has the same face etc.


Q: When will the full version of the mod be released?
A: Our release date is currently sometime in June 2009.

Q: How big is the full version going to be?
A: About 700 MB.

Q: Will the storyline be changed from the original game or will the mod feature new conversations?
A: No it will not.

Q: What mods are Revision going to be compatible with?
A: HDTP, New Vision, Shifter (via Revision&Shifter Fix) and many others. Obviously Revision is not going to be compatible with mods that uses non-vanilla maps, like TNM.

Q: What is Revision&Shifter Fix?
A: It's a small program that changes your .rev file, that comes with this mod, to be compatible with Shifter.

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